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by: Eric
Date: July 09, 2013
State: CA
Excellent news!
NWA is a fantastic organization. Bravo!

Sakata Seed America Partners with the National Watermelon Association

Continuing Support

Sakata demonstrates support of The National Watermelon Association, Inc. in a new promotion of its triploid watermelon program.

Sakata Seed America, Inc. continues to demonstrate support of the National Watermelon Association, Inc. in a new promotion of its triploid watermelon program. Beginning in February 2013 (at the National Association meeting), Sakata will sponsor to the National Watermelon Association. As grower support of Sakata triploid watermelon increases in North America and specific sales goals are met, future donations to NWA will increase incrementally. 

In addition, Sakata also supports various regional watermelon associations and recently attended the Florida Watermelon Convention. Sakata attendees were pleased see other industry people at the Florida Watermelon Convention, but were also pleasantly surprised to see the signed photo of Secretariat (to the right) as they walked through the front door. Sakata representative Cory Dombrowski took it as "a good omen" at Sakata recently released its new triploid variety called Secretariat.

Sakata’s watermelon program is very extensive and includes a wide array of products for all market regions. Key triploid varieties include Citation, Bold Ruler, Affirmed and Yellow Buttercup, as well as Ace pollinizer. Sakata also has an extensive array of varieties in the pipeline for growers to consider for future watermelon programs. Sakata invites growers to upcoming watermelon field days held throughout the year in Texas, Georgia, California and Florida.

Sakata Seed America is committed to providing the highest quality varieties to help ensure success and profitability. Sakata breeders work diligently around the world to develop new and improved varieties that remain at the forefront of the industry.

For more information regarding the Sakata and NWA partnership, please contact Sakata or the National Watermelon Association. For information on samples, products, services or dealers, please call (408) 778-7758.

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