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Sakata Partners with P. Allen Smith to Present P. Allen Smith's Home Grown Seed Collection

Sakata Seed America has announced a new partnership between the company’s Home Grown Vegetable division and P. Allen Smith Garden Home.  Effective immediately, Sakata Home Grown is the official vegetable seed brand of P. Allen Smith. 

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Furthermore, Smith has identified a collection of Sakata varieties and branded it under the P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection.

Smith’s national television and radio shows, digital media, printed publications and social media platforms are followed by an impressive number of fans.  . And now, gardeners and cooks alike will be able to tune into Smith’s television shows and subscribe to his YouTube channel, social media platforms, and digital communications to learn more about the new collection, how the varieties are performing in the test garden and how to grow and cook with delicious Sakata fruits and vegetables. “A great joy is eating something you have grown in your own garden. I am delighted to share with all gardeners and chefs, beginner to expert, an exclusive P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection.  I have selected some of my favorites that I grow in my garden, from Red Robin tomatoes to Broccolini broccoli.  These varieties are known for their bountiful harvest and great taste, something that would delight all gardeners from their garden to their table,” states Smith. “A return to the vegetable garden is a welcomed trend which is good for the well-being of ourselves, families, and communities. It may not be possible to grow an entire garden, but growing just a few things makes a difference.”

“Our goal is to provide top-quality fruit and vegetable varieties to gardeners and cooks and their families,” states Alecia Troy, Sakata’s Marketing Manager. “We look forward to the exposure Allen will bring to gardening and healthy eating with the P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection. Our partnership with P. Allen Smith is an exciting step toward connecting with consumers through education and passion.”

Smith is an award-winning designer, gardener and lifestyle expert. But, above all, he is a true plantsman that grew up in the nursery business.  Smith’s television programs, Garden Home, Garden to Table, and Garden Style, air on over 590 stations nationally, and speak to a range of related markets, such as gardening and outdoor living, food and cooking and farming and agriculture. Smith’s other partners include respected names like Bonnie Plants, Proven Winners, Jobs Organics and Le Creuset. 

According to Tracy Lee, Product Manager for the company’s Home Grown division, “The fruits and vegetables Allen selected for the P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collection are perfect for the home gardener, they are unique, flavorful and offer added quality and vigor. He’s done his homework – in fact, right now Sakata veggies are planted at Allen’s headquarters at Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock, Arkansas, where they are continually evaluated for inclusion in recipes, projects and events.”

Sakata recently attended P. Allen’s Annual Garden2Blog Event, held at his Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock. The event, founded in 2011, hosts 30 garden bloggers from around the US and Canada for two days of trend sharing and knowledge exchange.  At the event, Sakata educated bloggers about the industry as a whole and how seed reaches the end user, and provided seed for bloggers to take home and plant in their own gardens.

Meet the Collection

Aspabroc (Broccolini®) Baby Broccoli

Green Magic Broccoli

Stonehead Cabbage

Bulldog Collard

Slice More Cucumber

Shikou Egglant

Vulcan Lettuce

Lilliput Melon

Deep Purple Mustard

Jambalaya Okra

Jalafuego Pepper

Cheyenne Pepper

Right on Red Sweet Pepper

Majestic Red Sweet Pepper

Grenada Sweet Pepper

Toad Pumpkin

Imperial Green Spinach

Z'Oro Zucchini

Little Dipper Squash

Peppermint Swiss Chard

Sweet Treats Tomato

Red Robin Tomato

Sweet Hearts Tomato

Red Pride Tomato

Charger Tomato

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