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Sakata Seed America

Sakata Seed America was established in 1977 as a research, production and sales division of Sakata Seed Corporation. Our mission is to quickly and efficiently meet industry expectations for quality seed, strong performance and excellent yields, as well as retail and consumer demand for delicious fruit and vegetables.  Sakata Seed America is headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA. Our research facilities include stations in Salinas, California; Yuma, Arizona; and Fort Myers, Florida. These facilities focus on vegetable breeding and trialing. 

Sakata Seed America is a wholesale breeder and producer of vegetable seed. We do not sell our seed direct to growers, retailers or consumers.

To Order Seeds of Sakata Varieties:

If you are a Large Commercial Produce Grower, seeds of our varieties may be ordered through our COMMERCIAL Distributor Network. 

If you are a Smaller Commercial Produce Grower and/or Truck Farmer, seeds of our varieties may be ordered through our HOME GROWN Distributor Network

If you are a Home Gardener, seeds or young plants of our varieties are available at home improvement stores and garden centers across the nation. Seeds may also be purchased by mail or online via select retail distributors. Please visit our Home GROWN distributor list and inquire with companies that have the designation of Seed Catalog or Retail Catalog. View List


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