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Sakata Seed Corporation, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan became the first Japanese company to export seed and has since been actively involved in the development of new and improved plant varieties around the world. Sakata's overseas activities have earned it a reputation for quality in over 130 countries.

Today, the Sakata name has become one of the major international symbols of comprehensive customer support and products that meet diversified customer needs. Our broccoli and pansies, for example, maintain an overwhelming share of the global market and attest to our position as a formidable leader in the seed industry.

Sakata continues to pursue further development in overseas markets through its global network, in order to provide quality products and services worldwide. Sakata's domestic and overseas research facilities serve as the backbone for the development of seed technology.

By making full use of the climate and environmental conditions in various regions around the world, we are able to develop new varieties ideally suited to a wide range of environments. These facilities feature advanced equipment for top-level research and development, including biotechnology.

Sakata Seed Corporation has both domestic and overseas research facilities that include Sakata Seed America, Inc., Sakata Europe, Sakata Centroamerica, Sakata Guatemala, Sakata de Mexico, Sakata Chile, and Sakata Sudamerica in Brazil.


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